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Our vision

Increase safety of pedestrian crossings

As an Airline Captain by Swiss International Airlines Ltd., I have a sense and focus in safety. Safety is a key element in this profession and the mature sources of regulations and procedures.

Since I have two children I am also interested in street safety. Especially the safety of pedestrian crossing is a big issue for me and keeps me thinking of different improvements.

Visualization of danger zones

At Airports, strong Runway Edge Lights are installed around the runways to guide aircraft during take-off and landings. This illumination doesn’t illuminate the runway nor the airport. Instead those lights are marking the dimensions of the runway (length and width). The Pilots, therefore, has a good reference point between the plane’s position and the runway both at night and during other low-visibility conditions.


Excite Attention!

Runway Guard Lights are red/green lights, installed between taxiways and runways to prevent unauthorized use. The lights are controlled by the Tower to green when an aircraft is permitted to roll onto an active runway. Otherwise they remain red.

All these active lighting markings, which are installed into the runway excite attention to the pilot’s eyes. They are especially valuable when vision is restricted, for example, on a misty night or when it rains or snows heavily.

Active Light Source

There are numerous accidents at pedestrians annually in Switzerland. There are different technical solutions to increase safety on pedestrians. An effective option is to alert potential users to potential hazards. This can take place by means of an actively illuminated marking (LED light). The perception of a potential danger thus increases the attention.

No one causes an accident on purpose. Everyone is intrudering intuitively as soon as he realizes a threat is approaching. When an accident happens, usually because a dangerous situation is perceived too late or not realized.

Solar Road Stud

In examining the possibility of improved reflectors, I have come to the conclusion that an active light source (LED) is visually more attracted than a passive reflector. Embedded lights, such as airports, would, of course, be a good option but the problem would be their expensive and difficult installation due to the installation of electrical cables.


CNC-milled Stainless Steel Housing

All our products are made of high quality materials. We use only stainless steel to avoid corrosion and to achieve the required stability of the housings.

Especially the solar under-floor lamp "SV2", which is able to withstand the heaviest snow removal machines, impresses with its perfectly manufactured housing. All metal housings are machined in Switzerland to top modern "Deckel-Maho" 5-axis CNC Machining Center. This expensive production enables high-precision housing parts in the best quality, which is noticeably transferred to the life of our products.

Most countries use salt in the winter to remove ice and snow on the road. The resulting mixture of salt, water and road pollution creates an aggressive liquid that acts like an acid. Therefore, the quality of the housings used is extremely important.


Snowplow approved

SolarVision SV2 is especially designed to withstand heavy duty road conditions. The stainless steel ring is lifting up the snow plow and guides the plow over the lamp.

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