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Installation Guide

Mark the Position

To install Solar Rad Studs safely, it is of utmost importance to secure the workers and the street safely!

Mark the proper position for the Solarroadstuds.

Milling the hole

The hole needs to have an diameter of 160mm. The depth sould be arround 30mm. We used a milling head but it is also possible to ues a commen diamond drill core.

Drill the hole with a drilling machine.

Clean the hole

For a proper fit of the Solar Road Stud the hole must be cleaned and dryed.

Clean the hole.

Glue the Solarroadstud


With adhesive tape we protect the solar underfloor lamp as well as the road. Thus, an unpleasant cleaning can be prevented later on.

The best experiences were achieved with the two-component adhesive from Hilti (Hilti HIT-HY 200). There are also other brands of glue on market with suitable properties.

Glue the Solarroadstud into the correct position.

Final work

Thanks to the overflow notches in the Solarroadstud housing, the excess glue can escape unimpeded. This allows a simple and precise alignment of the lamp. The excess material is removed with a cloth.

Now remove the adhesive tape from the lamp as well as around the hole.