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Single solar cell

All SolarVision products are equipped with a single solar cell. This solar cell, like all other solar cells, supplies 0.5 volts of voltage. Using a patented DC-DC converter from Simlogic, we transform the voltage to the desired value so that the accumulator can be charged optimally. This innovative type of current conversion results in a much better overall efficiency from the existing solar cell surface!

Most solar road studs have solar cells which, when viewed carefully, consist of 8 to 10 smaller solar cells. These series-connected solar cells provide the desired number of volts to charge the battery. Each cell supplies 0.5 volts.

The disadvantage with several small solar cells is that the solar cells generate less current at the cutting edge. With 8 to 10 small solar cells one has a lot of cutting edge, which has a correspondingly negative effect on the energy generation.

With the patented DC-DC converter, the required number of volts can be transformed from a single solar cell. The cutting edge is therefore reduced to a minimum, which improves efficiency by up to 300% in diffuse light conditions.