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Solar Road Studs, Swiss Made

Our asphalt flush-mounted, maintenance-free and therefore inexpensive LED lighting systems guarantee maximum safety in road traffic.

Solar Road Studs engineered by SolarVision, Switzerland


SolarVision GmbH, develops and manufactures Solar Road Studs in the premium sector for street marking tasks. Solar Road Studs are especially designed for the marking of pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, traffic islands etc. Our products are made of active lighting LED light source and work fully autonomous over several years.

All products have a unique, patented solar current conversion. Thanks to this technology, our Solar Road Studs have the highest level of lighting (durability), that eliminates the need for expensive cabling installation.

Innovative design, milled from best quality stainless steel, make our Solar Road Studs snow plough resistant and increase road safety for several years.

As the name implies, solar energy sources produce environmentally friendly electricity from daylight. As a result, these innovative Solar Road Studs operate independently in the open air and are completely maintenance-free. Because of their own power supply (solar cell), the electrical wiring of these lamps is eliminated, resulting in a quick and convenient installation.

Benefit of Solar Road Studs

Advantage of SolarVision Products:

♦ Visible up to 1000 meters

♦ Reduces Accidents up to 80%

♦ Increases driver reaction

♦ Illuminates effectively in wet road conditions where traditional striping fails

♦ Eliminate Light pollution

♦ Low cost alternative to overhead lighting

♦ Recyclable

♦ Biker friendly

♦ Flush In-road Installation (2.5mm above road)

♦ Suitable for snow plowing

♦ Up to 400h endurance (with full accumulator)

♦ Uni / Bi Directional LED

♦ Maintenance free

♦ Easy installation, wireless free

♦ Autonomous solar energy